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AzureFilm PLA 1.75mm Silk Rainbow Candy 1kg

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Test specimens print settings:

 3D printer: Bambu Lab X1-Carbon  Infill: 20 %  Nozzle temperature: 230°C
 Slicer: Bambu Studio  Wall: 2  Bed temperature: 80°C
 Nozzle: 0,4 mm  Layer height: 0,2 mm  Print speed: 150 mm/s




Printing Recommendations:
Nozzle temperature: 220-240°C
Heated bed: Recommended 60-80°C
Print speed: Above 50 mm/s
Build platform: Glass bed, PEI Sheet, Kaptontape, Blue tape

Access to all technical data sheets can be found here.

This filament combines a range of different pastel colours and creates brilliant rainbow effects in your 3D prints. Rainbow Candy consists of purple, pink, orange and gold. The colours blend seamlessly together for that perfect candy rainbow.

The colours change every 40-45 metres of filament, creating dynamic and ever-changing colour combinations in your 3D projects. Try this filament for cute decorative pieces, accessories or home gadgets and bring rainbows into your home.

Our Silk filaments are made from PLA material and special additives that make the filament have that glossy and silky finish. Consequently, the Silk filament line has very similar technical properties to our PLA filament.

Due to their exceptional appearance, Silk filaments are currently one of the best-selling 3D filaments for 3D printing. Printing with Silk filament is extremely popular, due to its shiny and silky finish on the final 3D product, which is not only aesthetically appealing but also helps conceal the transitions between layers. It is the best choice for 3D printing of decorative elements like vases, figurines, home decor and much more.

For good results, it is necessary to print at a temperature of 220-240°C and the printing table should be heated to 80°C. Please note that the temperature range of the print media may differ slightly depending on the use of other printers.

Our Silk filament for printers is specially designed to make it easy to use for all beginners and 3D makers. It is accessible and user-friendly and what is also very important, is that it does not shrink when 3D printing.

AzureFilms Silk filament is compatible with almost all 3D printers, including Flashforge and MakerBot printers, Ultimaker, Prusa, Bambulab 3D, Creality, Artillery, Makergear, Printrbot, Bukobot, Type A Machines, and many more.

✔️Easy to print,
✔️aesthetically pleasing,
✔️helps to conceal the transitions between layers,
❌lacks mechanical properties.

Strength: High | Flexibility: Low | Durability: Medium

Difficulty to use: Low
Shrinkage/warping: Minimal
Soluble: No
Food safety: Not food safe

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